January 11th 2024

Blackpool Thursday 6 a side news 2024-01-11

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In the week 4 of the Blackpool Thursday 6-a-side Football League, the Premier League division witnessed a set of vigorous and high-scoring matches that kept the spectators on the edge of their seats.

In a heated match-up, FC played against Thornton Rangers FC and put in a dominant performance, as the final whistle blew with a scoreline of 8-2 in FC's favour. FC's strikers were in scintillating form, finding the back of the net with ease and precision, giving their team a substantial victory. The result further cements FC's position as a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League division.

ROWYCO UTD also showcased a brilliant performance against Bristonly Fans, securing a 3-1 victory. The highlight of the match was undoubtedly the three-goal haul from Chris, making him the top scorer in the Premier League division this week. Chris's superb form will undoubtedly be a significant boost for ROWYCO UTD in the coming matches.

In another fixture, FYLDE triumphed over Havntjotaclue with a 5-2 victory. FYLDE's attacking prowess and strategic play were lauded by fans and critics alike, marking them as a prominent contender in the division.

The Premier League division of the Blackpool Thursday 6-a-side Football League continues to serve as a thrilling spectacle for local football enthusiasts. With top-notch performances from teams like FC, ROWYCO UTD, and FYLDE, the competition promises to keep up the excitement in the forthcoming weeks.

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