January 28th 2024

Crewe Sunday 6 a side news 2024-01-28

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Sizzling action marked the third week of the Crewe Sunday 6-a-side Football league as the competition in the Premier League division intensified. The teams showcased their skills and strategies in a thrilling set of matches, each vying to claim dominance in the league.

STAL emerged as the top scorers of the week, registering an impressive 10-2 victory against Tyre Pro FC. Their forward line was in fine form, displaying an amazing synergy and scoring prowess that left spectators in awe.

In another exciting match, Tea & Busquets came out victorious with a 4-2 win over Whats Rob Holding. Despite a strong performance from Whats Rob Holding, Tea & Busquets managed to find the back of the net, securing their victory.

Meanwhile, Choccy Brownies FC and CDS ended their game in a tie, with each team managing to score a solitary goal. Both teams showcased great defensive skills, which were much appreciated by the fans.

On the other side, HFS United silenced Murder On Zidance Floor with a 4-0 triumph. HFS United's bulletproof defense and lightning-quick counterattacks left Murder On Zidance Floor stunned. Unfortunately, Murder on Zidance floor didn't agree with some of the decisions made by the referee and took it upon themselves to hurl abuse at him which then became physical. We pride ourselves on having a zero tolerance to violence and therefore, this team will be immediately and permanently banned from the league. 

In a closely contested match, Highway FC lost to FC WES 2-1. FC WES managed to scrape through with a last-minute goal, leaving Highway FC heartbroken.

HEATHFIELD FC delivered the most astounding performance of the week, routing Ball Scratchers 7-0. Showcasing a brilliant attacking display, HEATHFIELD FC rose to be the top scorers of the Premier League division this week.

The league is set to continue next week with teams eager to climb up the ladder and claim the top spot in the Premier League division.

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