April 23rd 2020

Update from Orpington Leisure Leagues

A brief update from Leisure Leagues Orpington. 

I know this is a tough time we are going through but there is one thing I can re assure you WE WILL BE BACK STRONGER THAN EVER!!!

A "Traffic Light" system is believed to be in the pipeline which will see a three phase plan of bringing the country out of the current lockdown. 

The first red phase will see a partial lift where small shops, hairdressers, warehouses and potentially nurseries reopen. The second phase, amber, could see some businesses and - of most significance to us at Leisure Leagues, is schools, colleges and universities reopening. These educational establishments with attached leisure facilities, MUGA, artificial pitches etc may potentially be opened in conjunction with the schools.

We are therefore hopeful that we can soon return to normality with our leagues but as always we will keep you updated as and when there are relevant updates. 

If anyone needs anything please contact me on 07415855735 



Area Manager.

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