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Summer nights at the Elba June 20th
Going Toulouse defeated Lightning Sharks 5-2 to lead the way in conference B in the Summer Leisure Leagues at the Elba. Heading up Conference A are LBS Total Plumbing on goal difference from Yot Dogs with both teams gaining maximum points this week. Delta Dorenteys also victorious in conference A wi...
Bryan win opens up title race. Plumbing and Dogs go clear.
Bryan Munich defeated Delta 4-0 to open up the title race. LBS Total Plumbing head conference A from Yot Dogs on goal difference with both teams earning wins again this week. Delta sit in third from Kake and Koffee in fourth. Over in conference B on pitch 2, Going Toulouse defeated Ninja to stay top...
Total Plumbing back on top of the pile
LBS Total Plumbing defeated Average Joes to head to the top of conference A at the Elba, on goal difference in a three way tussle from Yot Dogs and former leaders Delta Dorenteys. The dogs triumphing 4-0 last night against Delta on a balmy summers evening in west Swansea. The race for the John Franc...
Delta back with a bang
Wins last night for Delta, Crapoli, Toulouse, Yot Dogs, Total Plumbing and Oldman Athletic. Well played to all teams. 
Total Plumbing edge the battle at the top in league A
The leagues are taking shape in the summer season with Delta and Toulouse hitting the top of their leagues. The race for the John Francis Estate Agents trophy is well and truly underway at the Elba