Gowerton Wednesday

Young Boys top on GD
Wins in the Wednesday League at the Elba last night for Delta against Class and for league leaders Young Boys. Oldman and Gerkhin shared 6 goals and the points in the game of the night, whilst Milan defeated Olchfa, Bampi beat Bony, and Myles' took full points on pitch 1
Delta and Bampi share the points
Delta and Bampi's opened the evening with a 2-2 cracker at the Elba, whilst Olchfa racked up 9 against Oldman who hit 3 in response. Milan defeated Myles' 5-2, as did Young Boys against Gerkhin. Barley were triumphant over Bony to the tune of 4-0. 
Delta lead the field
Wins in the Wednesday League at the Elba last night for Delta, Young Boys, Olchfa, Barley, Milan and Dinner Plate. The season is taking shape nicely and at the moment is currently unaffected by the World Cup schedule 
Delta hit top spot
A 5 - 2 win against Barley gave the Delta Variant the lead in the league table after Young Boys drew with Dinner Plate.  Wins also last night for Class, Milan, Bampi's, whilst Bony and Myles' drew nil nil 
Storm Claudio takes it toll on the Weds league
Wins on a stormy night at The Elba last night for Class, Barley, Delta and Young Boys, whilst Bampi's and Dinner shared the points after a 2 - 2 draw. Here's hoping for better weather next week