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Basildon Monday Premier League Articles

Second Half of the Season starts
As the weather gets cooler, the first season of Leisure Leagues in Basildon has entered the second half of the season. Premier DivisionThe night started with Ajax Treesdown securing a 5-0 win over OFB who did not attend.  They will be back on 3 December raring to get going again.This was f...
Whoa We're Half Way There!!!
With the first season of Leisure Leagues in Basildon reaching the halfway point, the tables are really taking shape at Basildon's best 5-a-side football league. Premier DivisionThe night started with a draw for the new boys, Zenit St Pitseaburg, against Ajax Treesdown to show that they really d...
League Ready to Extend
We have completed the current line up for both divisions now with our second sign up over the weekend.We welcome Zenit St Pitseaburg to the league to take the final space in the Premier Division.With the league line up completed we have 4 spaces ready for next season so sign up now ready to start wi...
Blue Army Descends
We are delighted to welcome a new side, Blue Army, who have signed up to join our new Basildon 5-a-side league.We are delighted that they have joined the league and go straight into our First Division starting on 12 November.If you want to be part of action like Blue Army, sign up now at www.leisure...
Fireworks Spectacular
With the fireworks going off all around, a great night of 5-a-side football at Basildon's newest and best 5-a-side football league was had by all. Premier DivisionThe night started with a fiesty affair with Ajax Treesdown coming out on top against Anton FC 5-3, although Anton FC did have 2...