October 2nd 2018


Another excellent evening in the Spalding Monday 6 aside league held at Glen Park with all teams in attendance bar Team Rockstar. This was extremely disappointing as we had spoken to their team manager last week and he had confirmed that the team would definitely be in attendance this week. They will now be removed from the league as we do not tolerate unreliable teams letting everyone else down at the league. Apart from them failing to attend the rest of the evening ran without incident and everyone enjoyed a good night of football.

With the removal of Team Rockstar from the league, we now have a couple of vacancies in the league and as a result we are offering FREE ENTRY for a limited period. If you are interested in joining this league please enter your team details online and we can get you playing as soon as this coming Monday. Alternatively, if you have any questions please feel free to get in contact on 0333 123 2340.

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