April 19th 2023

Grimsby Tuesday 6-a-side: Weekly Recap


The Grimsby Tuesday 6-a-side league carried on strong with some more great games this week at the Grimsby Institute. 

Here are the highlights of the action across all the divisions.

The Premier League had some cracking games, as Johnings Jennings continued their upward trajectory, beating Varginas 4-1 to move into third place. Romasexuals moved up into second place with a convincing 4-1 victory as well, beating FC Darabani. Egg Fried Reus stayed high and dry with a 3-0 win over Only Put Matip In. 

In Division 1, Fiorentina Turner got the better of Ballpark Madrid with a 1-0 win. Real Vets edged past Kinky Konate for a 2-1 win, which meant they fell slightly further behind in their chase of top spot. 

Division 2 saw just the one official game, where Pepper Shniffers battled past Swoxi for a 1-0 win to move up into third place, leapfrogging their opponents.

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