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We saw another brilliant evening at the Northwich Monday league this week with all teams in attendance, welcome to Weaverdale who have played in the league before. Despite a debut loss they are said to be looking forward to the rest of the season. Netsix & Chill FC still remain undefeated,...
Northwich Monday League News Update 19/11/18
We saw another good evening at the Monday league this week, Hartford Boys unfortunately had to cancel on the day and B-TEC Barca arrived late for their fixture. Hartford Boys have now been removed from the league and we have a brand new team Weaverdale joining us at Hartford High School this coming...
Northwich Monday League News Update 12/11/18
We saw a great evening at the Northwich Monday league with all teams in attendance, 2 Girls 1 Schulpp were back after their week off last week.Two weeks into the new season Eritrea Flying Penguins, Netsix & Chill FC and Disco Volante all remain unbeaten so far this season, only 2 games in this i...
Northwich Monday 6-a-side League Update 5/11/18
We saw an unusual evening at the Northwich league this week with 2 Girls 1 Schulpp not in attendance, they are back as normal this week. We also saw an incident between 2 players from Netsix and Chill FC & B-TEC BARCA, both these players have now been permanently banned from the league as we do...
We saw a great evening of football to end the season at the Northwich Monday league this week. Congratulations to Gangsters Allardyce for winning the league and Netsix & Chill FC who were our runners up, both had a brilliant season. Dylan Burrage from The Quaysiders has also been crowned as play...
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