Hertford Wednesday

Hertford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-11-22
Play in the Hertford Tuesday football league powered by Leisure LeaguesFootball enthusiasts across Hertford spent their Wednesday evening enthralled by the latest round of matches in our local 5 a side Football League. As we reached week 9 of the season, the adrenaline was high and the players were...
Hertford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-09-20
Play in the Hertford Wednesday football league powered by Leisure LeaguesIn what proved to be a thrilling conclusion to the Hertford Wednesday 5-a-side Football League, the Premier League, Division 1, and Division 2 finished their season in style last night. The energy was high as the teams faced of...
Hertford Wednesday League
Congratulations to 'The quiet man' for winning the Premier division. Big ones winning Div 1 and will be promoted to push the other teams in the league.All still to fight for in Div 2.
Hertford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-09-20
Hertford Wednesday's 5-a-side football league was in full swing last night as teams from all over the area came together to battle it out for the top spot. It was week 14 of the season, and the competition continued to heat up with some thrilling matches and intense action on the pitch.In the Premie...
Hertford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-06-14
Hertford Wednesday football league held its 14th week of the season, and it was a night full of excitement, surprises, and thrilling moments. The league saw some impressive performances from the participating teams in the three different divisions of the league.In the Premier League division, The Qu...