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Weekly update from Liverpool Monday
It was a great evening of 6 aside football in our Liverpool Monday 6 aside league for the first game of the season. All teams were in attendance with the exception of AFC Aggie who unfortunately missed their game and have subsequently been removed from the league as they failed to inform us at head...
The current season of 6 a side football at Heron Eccles Monday League has drawn to a close. Congratulations to all teams for a successful season, Leisure League would especially like to congratulate league winners Kubin Razan and also leagues runners up Lubatas Rovers on their respective high finish...
Heron Eccles Football Hub Liverpool - Liverpool Monday
League back to normal this Monday 10th January 2022 in Liverpool Monday.Looking to get yourself fit for the new year? Maybe you are looking for  an extra training season for your team?There is still time to join to join them but time is running out quickly. Call the squad, think of a team name...
Heron Eccles Football Hub Liverpool - Liverpool Monday
Great evening of 6 a side football in Liverpool on Monday  evening at Herron Eccles with all teams in attendances with the exception of Six, West Midlands Wanderers, Lubatas Rover and All my Guys are Ballerz who unfortunately had to cancel their game with our Head Office Staff but will be conta...
Heron Eccles Football Hub Liverpool - Liverpool Monday
Great night of 6 a side football in the Monday night Liverpool League once again with all teams in attendances, it was great to see new team The Bowcats enjoying their first game in the league. We are always looking for new teams to join the league and you can do this by filling in an online tea...
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