January 29th 2024

Chatham Monday 5 a side news - match day 2


In the exciting world of local football leagues, the Chatham Monday league has wrapped up its second week of the season. The passion and commitment of the players have once again delivered a thrilling spectacle for us all with all teams in attendance.


In Division 1, Goals Aloud netted a commendable victory over Bligh A Side in a 6-1 encounter. Mac's 3.0 barely edged out Cadiz Nuts CF in an exciting contest, winning 5-4. Borstal Bums wiped out Nigel Bens XI with an impressive 6-0 victory, while Pheasant Pluckers triumphed over Obi Wan Iwobi with a 10-3 scoreline. Brandon Ball of Pheasant Pluckers emerged as the top scorer of the division, contributing four goals to his team's tally.


Meanwhile, in Division 2, Beercelona outplayed Rapid Viagra 7-3 and Scottswood saw off Holcombe Goons with a 7-4 win. Skinners FC overpowered Gayson Mount 4-1, whilst Unathletico Madrid rounded off the division's matches with a decisive 5-0 victory against Snus Warriors. The division's top scorer honours went to Rob kinzett of Scottswood, who found the net four times.


Over in Division 3, Get Your Scally Out FC dominated Barely Athletic 8-2 while Maroon 5 triumphed over Dynamo Chicken Kiev FC 9-3. Nutty Sauce FC edged out Cokane United 3-1 and Workrate FC secured a 4-2 victory against Tekkerslovakia Fc. Sam Lovey from Get Your Scally Out FC was the top scorer with a hat-trick.

The Chatham Monday league continues to showcase the spirit and enthusiasm of grassroots football, providing a fantastic platform for local talent to shine. As we move into week three, we eagerly await the next round of fixtures in all three divisions. The league is testament to the vibrant local football scene and is a key fixture in Chatham's sporting calendar.

A big thank you to Ash for running the evening along with all our referee's and players. Good luck on match day 3 next week.

Join the Chatham Monday 5 a-side league at the link below or get in touch on 07969 731086 for more information. Thanks Rich


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