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Weekly news
Great evening at our High Wycombe 6er side Sunday leagueLittle bit unusual as two teams had to cancel last minute - however both teams have confirmed they are back as normal next week.We have 2 Spaces left - JOIN NOW!!!!! 
Welcome to the new Season
What a great start into the new season - we saw some fantastic games and all Teams in attendance.We have still 2 spaces left and looking to fill those spaces asap.
NEW SEASON START: 02nd September 2018
We had a brilliant first season at our High Wycombe 6er side Sunday league. We see more and more interest at the league and looking to extend the league.Congrats to the Premier league & Division one winners.NEW SEASON STARTS: 02ND SEPTEMBER 2018JOIN NOW!!!!!
Weekly news - 20th August
As always we saw a great evening at our High Wycombe 6er side SUNDAY league, with all teams in attendance.Looking forward to see all teams back next Sunday