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Chelmsford Monday Division 2 Articles

Weekly Update - 24th September 2018 (Game 1/14)
*** NEW SEASON STARTS TONIGHT *** Straight into the new season tonight for our teams, and we'd like to give a shout out to all of our new teams joining the league! We have now added Division 3 to the mix so yet another trophy up for grabs!Before I get into the crux of things, I'd like to just t...
Weekly Update - 17th September 2018 (Game 14/14)
With all titles claimed, this week was more about pride and holding the position in the league tables - so I'll keep it short and sweet..Premiership: Chicken Odemwingies lost their 3rd place slot by losing to the team that has overtaken them 50 Shades of O'Shea in a decisive manner 5-0.Expected Toul...
Weekly Update - 10th September 2018 (Game 13/14)
Premiership: 50 Shades set the bar tonight by beating Inter Ye Nan 4-1 and moved ever closer to 3rd place whilst Inter Ye Nan remained hovering above the relegation area. FortniteFatBoys continued to rack up the points beating Expected Toulouse 2-1, leaving them in a vulnerable position to be relega...
Weekly Update - 3rd September 2018 (Game 12/14)
Premiership: A top of the title clash between undefeated Ivybuild FC and FortniteFatBoysFC was the pick of the games in the Premiership this week, with reigning champions Ivybuild FC edging out their opponents 3-1 and securing consecutive titles with the result. With two games left, can they ma...
Weekly Update
There is a new leader in the Premiership over at Moulsham High School with Huckers going 3 out of 3 to keep themselves on top of the Premiership. Last seasons winners Badger FC have already suffered their first loss and IVY Build FC have shown they could be the team to challenge Huckers with only go...
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