November 20th 2023

Oxford Wednesday 5 a side news 2023-11-15

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Sporting fans across Oxford were treated to a spectacular week of football as the 4th week of the Oxford Wednesday 5-a-side Football League wrapped up, revealing some exciting results across both the Premier League and Division 1.

In the Premier League, Firetoe FC pulled off an impressive victory against FC Oxford, turning up the heat with a decisive 7 to 3 win. Meanwhile, the match between Danny Gurphys Sons and Oluwa Nation ended in a thrilling 3 to 3 draw, leaving both teams eager to break the deadlock in their upcoming matches.

On the other hand, Division 1 saw a dominating performance from Fox In The Oxb, besting FC Copenbadly Reserves with an impressive scoreline of 7 to 2. Tim Howard Street also delivered a nail-biting performance against Substandard Liege, edging out their opponents 2 to 1 in what could be described as one of the most exciting matches of the season.

The week's top scorers were undoubtedly key players making waves in their respective divisions. For the Premier League, Firetoe FC's forward was the star of the night, netting multiple goals against FC Oxford. Meanwhile, in Division 1, Fox In The Oxb's striker proved instrumental in their victory, scoring several of their seven goals against FC Copenbadly Reserves.

As we head into the 5th week of the Oxford Wednesday league, fans across the city are on the edge of their seats, eager to see how the upcoming matches will shake up the standings. With such incredible talent on display, it's clear the remaining games of the season are not to be missed. It's football at its finest, right here in Oxford.

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