October 11th 2019



Is there a levelling out in the general standards across the boardwith our teams? The resulting league table and score lines from tonight is possible evidence of that happening, although time will tell if definitely the case. For instance Pumas Vets and Exeter Gently went head to head. Intense, quick use and movement of the football, and organised defence characterised both these sides game which inevitably led to a 0-0 draw. Another interesting result was Ballotellitubbies. These guys went into their fixture looking to break into  double figures for their league  points tally. Benteke Fried Chicken stood in their way, and their form this season has been well short of Tubbies. But the bookies odds were turned on their head as Benteke claimed a narrow 2-1 win. An off day for Tubbies, a massive shift by Benteke, or a general levelling out in the quality of our sides?? This all meant that Netsix were able to keep their second spot and move to within a point of Pumas, as they cruised to victory in their scheduled points match. Finally it was 5th placed versus 8th as The Regiment looked to move onto 7 points at the expense of Obecity. The attacking pace, which is characteristic of Obecity's play, pegged their opposition back at times and so the route to victory for The Regiment was not straight forward at all. There was much more of an even feel to the game than Regiment may have anticipated, but they managed the win with more of a clinical edge with the chances they had. In short, a top evening of 6 a side all round tonight and just after the half way stage of the season, there is everything to play for! Keep an eye out at our FB page for all our action shots coming up!!

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