February 5th 2024

Milton Keynes Monday 6 a side news 2024-02-05



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The Milton Keynes Monday 6 a side Football league continued its thrilling journey into the 13th week of the season. Footballers and fans alike filled with anticipation as the night saw a multitude of nail-biting matches across the three divisions: Premier League, Division 1, and Division 2.

In the Premier League, Np Fc showcased a stellar performance, bulldozing their way to a comfortable 3-0 victory over The Baps FC. Meanwhile, Area Boys FC and UTB XI engaged in a fierce battle, with Area Boys FC managing to secure a narrow 3-2 victory, marking one of the most exciting matches of the night.

In Division 1, Bluecube.tech FC emerged as the undisputed rulers of the pitch, handing a crushing 10-0 defeat to Only Put Matip In. The match between ABCDE FC and SPT Teckers ended in a hard-fought 2-2 draw. YMCA and CACA Milan also battled it out for a 1-1 draw, while Nottinyourmumsforest managed to edge past Bayern Neverlosing in a 1-0 win.

Division 2 saw its fair share of excitement too. BILLYNOMATES FC triumphed over Paqueta Crisps with a 3-1 scoreline, while La Roja managed to stave off Benteke Fried Chicken with a 1-0 victory. PNP FC secured a 3-2 win against GT FC. The Bilge Boys and Milton Generals played out an entertaining 4-4 draw.

As for the top scorers, big applause goes to Bluecube.tech FC in Division 1 for their goal-filled game, with a whopping 10 goals. In the Premier League, Np Fc and Area Boys FC deserve accolades for their top-scoring displays. In Division 2, PNP FC and The Bilge Boys were the highest scorers with 4 goals each.

With these results, the Milton Keynes Monday league continues to promise a captivating blend of skill, competition, and camaraderie. As the season progresses, the anticipation of who will eventually be crowned champions in their respective divisions remains high.

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