February 12th 2024

Milton Keynes Monday 6 a side news 2024-02-12


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In a thrilling finale to the Milton Keynes Monday 6-a-side Football League season, spectators were treated to an array of high-intensity matches, which eventually decided the season's champions in each division.

In the Premier League division, UTB XI mounted a sterling charge to clinch the title, amassing a total of 20 points this season with an impressive tally of 10 wins. The team concluded their successful campaign with a resounding 7-3 victory over Np FC, demonstrating their dominance in the division.

Meanwhile, in Division 1, Nottinyourmumsforest emerged as the top team, holding off stiff competition to finish the season with 21 points and 10 wins. Their final match saw them secure a convincing victory, underscoring their season-long consistency and effectiveness on the pitch.

Benteke Fried Chicken was the standout team in Division 2, finishing the season with 21 points and 10 victories. Their final match was a nail-biting encounter with GT FC, which ended in a 5-4 victory for the division champions.

While team performances were crucial, individual prowess was also on display. The Premier League's top scorer was Area Boys FC's striker with an impressive 5 goals against Hardly Athletic. In Division 1, YMCA's forward dominated the pitch with 7 goals against Only Put Matip In, while in Division 2, PNP FC's attacker bagged 6 goals against Milton Generals., each becoming the top scorers in their respective divisions.

Having drawn the curtain on this season, the Milton Keynes Monday 6-a-side Football League leaves us with enthralling memories and plenty of anticipation for the next season. Congratulations to the winning teams – a well-deserved triumph in a challenging season!

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