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May 5th 2018

Centre closed for Bank Holiday

Cnetre closed due to Bank Holiday

With 2 games to go the title challenge is on in both Divisions.

Leisure Leagues Swinton Premier League 

With 2 games to go its very tight at the top of the table 

with Swinton United in the lead with 12 points, Ze 

Germans on 11 points and lrlam on 10 points. 

The league will be decided on the last day of the 

season with some challenging games. Irlam have the 

most work to do having let themselves down by not 

attending a game last week. 

Division 1

Alcoballics lead the pact on 13 points trailled by 

Unathletic Bilbao on 12. 

This is set to go to the wire with both teams to face 

Channel 4 News who could upset one of the teams in 

obtaining league glory. 

Keep posted to find out who wins our titles.

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