February 22nd 2024

Thursday 22nd February - Worcester St John's Round-Up

It was a good evening's football in the Worcester Thursday 5 a side league this week, with all teams in attendance throughout the night as ever, and some well competed matches played across the division.

WR2 GALACTICOS delivered an extraordinary performance, defeating BJH MOTORS with a stunning 16-0 scoreline. Displaying a masterclass of skill, strategy, and teamwork, the Galacticos dominated the game from start to finish. The star of the match was undoubtedly the top scorer of the Premier League division - JOE. He displayed an exceptional athletic prowess and precision, managing to rack up an impressive total of 11 goals, a testament to his remarkable talent and contribution to WR2 GALACTICOS's victory.

In another one-sided game, Top Boys trounced The Goal Diggers with a scoreline of 15-0. The Goal Diggers struggled to find their form against the determined Top Boys, who showcased a brilliant offensive performance.

In the clash between Charvas Yanited and Nuns United, the former emerged victorious with a solid 4-0 win. The team demonstrated excellent control and coordination, ensuring a well-deserved victory.

The match between Purge FC and Tiny Todgers was comparatively more competitive, ending with Tiny Todgers securing a win with a 5-2 scoreline. The game was a riveting display of the teams' tenacity and commitment, with Tiny Todgers managing to edge out Purge FC in the end.

We wish all teams the best of luck going into next weeks fixtures with Worcester's premier providers of small sided football!

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