September 25th 2023

Stourbridge Monday 6 a side news 2023-09-25

In the world of local football, the Stourbridge Monday league is heating up, with week three of the season marking some impressive results in their Premier League, Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 divisions.

In the Premier League, game night saw Celta Allstars dominate VI Inches Combined with a decisive 5-0 victory. However, it was Unprotected Cesc's Josh Morgan who stole the show by scoring a stunning hat trick, leading his team to a 5-3 victory over PSGeezas.

The competition was equally fierce in Division 1 with Baz Ball FC emerging victorious over Piqué Blinders in a thrilling 6-2 match. Joe, the striker for Baz Ball FC, was instrumental in his team's win, netting three goals to become the top scorer in his division.

In Division 2, LABEL FC, led by the goal-scoring prowess of Sam Knott, secured a 6-2 win over Let The Game McGinn. Knott's two goals not only contributed to his team's victory but also earned him the top scorer title for Division 2.

Division 3 saw a series of tight games with Genoa Side claiming a 4-1 victory over Gylfi Pleasures. Their star player, Cal, single-handedly dominated the game and walked away with four goals to his name, making him the top scorer of this division.

However, the team of the week went to Waggon Wonderers. Despite the tough competition, their exceptional performance on the field earned them the title. Still trying.

As the competition continues to heat up, fans and spectators are eager to see what the following week holds in store. With such talented players on the field, the Stourbridge Monday league promises even more thrilling matches and unforgettable performances.

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