November 7th 2023

Stourbridge Monday 6 a side news 2023-11-06

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In the 9th week of the thrilling Stourbridge Monday Football League, we witnessed a galore of goals and breathtaking performances across all divisions. A big welcome to all the new teams entering the 4th division!

We did also have two incidents on the night which included a red card from Inter Mi Bathams for multiple slide tackle challenges, the player has been punished with a £10 fine. The other incident of the evening was a player from Spignif Allstars who displayed abusive behaviour towards the referee which resulted in being sent off and ultimately leading to the punishment of losing a player and losing the game, we have also given them a warning against abusive behaviour and any further issues will lead to fines and bans. Please ensure you are following league rules and respecting everyone to do with the league each and every week in order to avoid this happening with your team, it will be dealt with swiftly and accordingly each time.

Unfortunately we did have two non-attendences. We have been in contact with both teams and confirmed their return for the following week. It is vital that teams are there each week and get in contact with your area manager if you are unavailable to ensure the league runs smoothly each week.

In the Premier League division, Unprotected Cesc dominated the field with an impressive 11-0 victory over Stourbridge Olympic, while Celta Allstars got the best of Haaland Globetrotters 5-0 as they hit 5 unanswered goals to gain the victory. The match between VI Inches Combined and AFC Vexham was a tight battle that ended in a narrow 3-2 victory for VI Inches Combined, either team could have ended up winners however grit and determination from VI Inches proved vital. 

Moving on to Division 1, Inter Mi’Bathams edged past Bayern Neverlosen in a thrilling 5-4 encounter, while Piqué Blinders breezed past Cott Lane Colts 5-0 in a high-scoring game. Growler Out FC managed to secure a 4-3 win over Baz Ball FC in a thrilling end to end game of football for all neutrals to enjoy. 

In Division 2, Provided commendable performances all round from Talbot 6 as they earned a 6-2 victory over Hwang Onasec. Hickorys Allstars earned an important victory over current relegation rivals Let The Game McGinn in a 2-0 victory. Big Stiff Chip Butty also reaped rewards as they beat second placed opponents Lable FC in an exciting matchup to prove how tight the league really is!

Division 3 saw Genoa Side defeat Athletic Dildao 3-1 in an encounter which was end to end. Gylfi Pleasures managed to secure a narrow 2-1 win over Spignif Allstars in a tight matchup. Still Trying FC also managed to pull off a 2-1 victory over Gylfi As Charged. This result bumps them up to 5th place in the division with scope to keep climbing up the league if results continue to go their way. 

Finally the debut season of Division 4, Scran City delivered a dominant performance to beat Peter Larsen Kaffe 4-0, while Paralympique Marseille managed a 3-2 victory over Reserve Squad V2. With all teams enjoying their first night of the division!

The team of the week is given to Scran City FC with a dominant showing in their first night of the league showing real promise to continue this throughout the season!

As the season progresses, we look forward to more exciting matches and applaud the sportsmanship and competitive spirit of all teams involved.


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