November 20th 2023

Stourbridge Monday 6 a side news 2023-11-20

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The Stourbridge Monday 6-a-side Football League completed its 11th week, delivering an exciting round of matches across all divisions. The matches, mirroring the passion and competitiveness of the sport, offered spectators impressive goals, sublime assists, and commendable teamwork.

In the Premier League division, De Jong Boys outclassed Stourbridge Olympic with an impressive 5-1 victory, affirming their dominance in the league. Haaland Globetrotters and Unprotected Cesc shared the spoils as the game finished 1-1 between the two sides.  BBF United also kept the pressure on AFC Vexham as they beat VI Inches combined 2-0 in a well-composed team performance. AFC Vexham and Celta Allstars battled it out in a tight game resulting in a 3-2 victory for AFC Vexham. 

The Division 1 matches were lit up by Baz Ball FC, who came up trumps in a 11-1 victory over The Unbelievable Lads FC. Bayern Neverlosen also showcased an impressive performance, thrashing Cott Lane Colts 5-0. Pique Blinders also came out on top as they beat Wheres Your Man FC 3:0 as a controlled game plan provided crucial in their win. Growler Out FC beat West Midlands United FC 2:1 in tight game where either side could have pinched the victory.

In Division 2, Big Stiff Chip Butty emerged as 3-2 victors over This Is Plough We Do It in a tight match between two closely contested sides. LABEL FC also had a commanding 4-0 win over Hickorys Allstars. Slumdog Mignolet dominated over Talbot 6 to keep their title charge on beating their opponents 5-1. 

Division 3 saw Genoa Side triumph 7-2 over Gylfi As Charged as the controlled the game. Athletic Dildao also made their mark, beating Gylfi Pleasures 6-2 with a thrilling attacking display. A deadlock between Still Trying FC and and Waggon Wonderers could not be broken as both teams tried their upmost, 2-2 final score. Spignif Allstars also managed to beat We Don't Give A Flying Duck FC 4-1.

In the Division 4, Paralympique Marseille emerged as winners in a  4-0 victory over Peter Larsen Kaffe with a dominant display. Reserve Squad V2 and Scran City ended with a deadlock as the final score was 2-2.

The team of the week is De Jong Boys gaining their first victory in the league in a well drilled performance. Hopefully we can see them continue this form in the coming weeks as they face second placed AFC Vexham next week!

As the Stourbridge Monday league proceeds, the excitement and anticipation only escalate. The coming weeks are expected to bring more thrilling clashes and exceptional performances.

Although this league is currently full we do have LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE on the waiting list to join this league so get in touch today with THREE WEEKS LEFT TO GO UNTIL THE NEW SEASON!

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