November 27th 2023

Stourbridge Monday 6 a side news 2023-11-27

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In the exciting world of the Stourbridge Monday 6-a-side football league, fans had a thrilling week 12 to savor. With only two weeks left in the season, teams across all divisions are battling hard to secure their places for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately we did have one none attendance in Cott Lane Colts, who we have been in contact with confirming their return to the league next week. It is vital teams get in touch with their area manager as soon as possible if there are any issues to ensure the league runs as smoothly as possible.

In the Premier League division, Unprotected Cesc dominated with a 3-0 victory over VI Inches Combined, while BBF United and Celta Allstars battled to a 2-2 draw. AFC Vexham also secured a tight 4-2 victory over De Jong Boys. A sensationally impressive set of results to set the Premier league up for a fanatic finish in two weeks time. 

Meanwhile, in Division 1, the match between Wheres Your Man FC and The Unbelievable Lads ended in a thrilling victory for Wheres Your Man FC. Bayern Neverlosen fell short to Growler Out FC with the final scoreline being 3-0. Evan from Cott Lane Colts emerged as the top scorer with 2 goals. Pique Blinders also clinched a 3-4 victory over rivals West Midlands United FC in a thrilling end to end encounter. 

The action continued in Division 2 where Slumdog Mingolet triumphed over Big Stiff Chip Butty with a 3-2 victory, with an excellent display of attacking football on show. Talbot 6 provided a masterclass performance beating Hickory's Allstars 7-1 ensuring their third place position for another week in the league. Finally in the league This Is Plough We Do It narrowly edged past their Let The Game McGinn 1-0 in a very tightly contested match. 

In Division 3, several closely contested matches saw victors eke out narrow wins,  Gylfi Pleasures  beat their namesakes Gylfi As Charged 3-1 in a great matchup where both sides showed promise. A sensational match between Spignif Allstars and Waggon Wonderers saw the latter edge past in a 3-2 win putting them second place in the division. 

Last but not least, Division 4 saw a closely contested match with Reserve Squad V2 defeating Paralympique Marseille 3-1, and Scran City coming up trumps against Peter Larsen Kaffe 3-1 also. Some excellent games throughout Division shows the sheer quality throughout all the leagues. 

These results set the stage for an exciting next round of fixtures, as teams look to build on their performances and players aim to outshine their peers.

Although this league is currently full we do have SPACE AVAILABLE on the waiting list to join this league so get in touch today with THREE WEEKS LEFT TO GO UNTIL THE NEW SEASON 18/12/2023!

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