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MK Dongs Retain Title
Tension was in the air with interest in a title decider not felt since Liverpool v Arsenal in 1989.  It was the last game of the season of 6-a-side football at Stratford Park Leisure Centre, Stroud.All eyes were on PCL v MK Dongs but before that was the appetiser with Washing Machine winning 5-...
All to play for in Stroud
We had a better night and as such the football flowed in Stroud with Leisure Leagues.The night started with Dano Fc defeating 2 Girls 1 Schlupp 4-1 in a great first match of the night.Washing Machine returned with a 5-0 win over May Change, who due to failing to show up again, will now be removed fr...
No Shows - Round 2
We had more frustrations in Stroud as there appeared to be a re-run of last week's failures to attend to play with the best 6-a-side league around.The night started with May Change again failing to attend and 2 girls 1 Schlupp securing a 5-0 win but not a match as a result.Dano FC and MK Dongs then...
Is there anybody there?
A frustrating night of 6-a-side football in Stroud as the night was besieged with no shows.  If you are unable to attend, please can you give as much notice as possible so your opponents can get a match.The night started with failure to attend by May Change.  This was followed up by Washin...
More Goals in Stroud
A fantastic night of 6-a-side football was had by all with Leisure Leagues at Stratford Park Leisure Centre in Stroud.The night started with a big 6-0 win for Dano FC against 2 Girls 1 Schlupp.There followed a 5-0 win for May Change over Washing Machine who again failed to attend and unless they inf...
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