May 5th 2023

Scunthorpe Thursday 7-a-side: New season starts with a bang!


The Scunthorpe Thursday 7-a-side league returned with a bang this week, as the new season started at the St Lawrence Academy with some terrific games.

In the Premier League, reigning champs Santiago Chebs picked up right where they left off, dismantling Solventis FC 12-1 to make the perfect start. 

Fiction FC edged past Valacticos to prevail 4-3 in a highly-entertaining match. IsYourMotherwell also started at an electrifying pace, crushing Stroke Titty 11-0. 

Division 1 action kicked off with 0LS picking up a 4-2 win over Saka Spuds, as Gout FC beat Bath Boys 4-1, while FC Partizany received a default win.

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