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New Season - New League
A new season in only two weeks away. We have decided to merge the two divisions into one big league - this will make for a more enjoyable experience for all the teams. Trophies will still be handed out to the winners of both divisions for this new season coming.We have spaces for new teams, reg...
End of a Season
The current season at your league has drawn to a close and it’s time to dish out the winners medals and get that champagne off ice! Congratulations to all teams for a successful season, Leisure Leagues would especially like to congratulate league winners Falcons FC and also league runners...
Brand New Leisure Leagues website
Welcome to the brand new Leisure Leagues website!  The new site gives you access to all new player functions including changing team and players nationalities, uploading individual player cards, selecting your player ratings and joining the transfer market.  From a team’s per...