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Welcome back Tower Gate FC!
Tower Gate have returned to the league with two weeks out they could not bare to stay away any longer! But can the two time champions bring back there winning ways? We will find out in their first fixture tonight at 8PM!! 
First match of the season
Our first matches of the season got underway with goals flying in everywhere. We kicked off with FC Bundalona sticking 6 past Paris Ganjaman to their 1. The second game had some of the best goals we have seen on a Wednesday night. Buona Fortuna went 6-1 up against Punjab Back and Sides with some top...
With the current season slowly drawing to a close we are recruiting 4 new teams to join our league in Maidstone! We only have 4 spaces so be quick! We will be splitting our current division in order to make two leagues of 8 teams. So whether you are looking to compete to become our next champions or...
Top of the table clash.
Wednesday 12th October saw the top two teams clash with Wanyamas in Pajamas facing Punjab Back and sides. With the game starting out a close encounter and big tackles going in from the first minute the first goal coming from Punjab back and sides opening the game with a great finish but Wanjamas kep...
First match of the season
After the first night it seems we have a very competitive league on our hands. We had goals flying in left right and centre! If it wasn't for the goalkeepers there would have been many more goals too! Are the Wanyamas in Pyjamas the team to beat? With the side scoring 10 goals and only conceding one...