July 9th 2020


As part of Leisure Leagues’ unwavering commitment to always investing to improve our leagues, we have rolled out a major change to our already industry leading website yesterday.

In what is a massive leap forward in terms of both customer service and making the leagues safer in the post-Covid 19 world, we are delighted to say that anyone can now pay for their teams’ fixtures online.

Effective immediately, there is a new 'Pay For Games' feature meaning that it is no longer just the captain that has the option to pay for matches as it was previously.

The brand new feature takes the pressure off the team captain by making it easier for each team to pay for fixtures: Want to take it in turns? No problem. Skipper working late and can’t make it? No hassle. It’s no longer just up to them to get all the money together.

One of the things we announced when we revealed our post-covid guidelines last month was that we requested as many teams as possible to pay online, as the virus has been found to live longer on surfaces such as money. So this new Anyone Can Pay feature reduces the need for you to carry cash, and the risk to players and Leisure Leagues staff.

The feature can now be used at all our leagues across the world, which are slowly resuming with Guernsey starting a couple of weeks ago and Kilkenny kicking off this past weekend. We hope to have further news about the resumption of all our leagues in the coming days.

If you have any queries before joining please call Head Office on 0333 123 2340 or email [email protected]

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