June 3rd 2024

Exeter Monday 5 a side news - match day 12

In a thrilling week 12 of the Exeter Monday 5-a-side Football League, teams in the Premier League showed an unparalleled level of competitiveness, exciting us with high-octane end-to-end football.


Leading the pack was Petr Cech Your Pants, who pulled off an electrifying 12-10 victory over The Amber Foundation in a match that kept us on the edge of our seats. The thrilling win was a testament to the team's offensive prowess and relentless energy.

Not far behind, leaders Tinpot Town FC edged out Laf Lions FC in a narrow 7-6 triumph, demonstrating both teams' tenacity and unwavering drive as Tinpot move to just 2 wins away from the title.

Another exciting game saw Davies House’s excellent performance, beating Crouch Potato 12-7 in a captivating game. The victory was punctuated by the outstanding performance of Ben Jones from Davies House, who was named the most valued player of the week for his exceptional skills and commitment on the pitch.

With only two weeks remaining, every goal, every save, and every pass could make the difference in a season that has seen some of the most remarkable performances in the history of the Exeter Monday 5 a side Football League.

Stay tuned for next week's matches, as teams go head to head in a bid for Premier League supremacy. In the Exeter Monday League, every game counts, every moment matters, and every player has a chance to become a hero.

Thank you to Lester for running the evening and to all our players. Good luck next week.


Join the Exeter Monday 5 a-side league for the start of the new season or get in touch on 07969 731086 for more information. Thanks Rich


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