September 22nd 2023

Worksop Thursday 6 a side news 2023-09-21

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In the exhilarating week 8 of the Worksop Thursday Football League, fans were treated to an exciting showcase of talent, skill, and tactics as teams across three divisions vied for supremacy.

In Division 1, Three Shires FC in Blue and White emerged victorious with a 5-2 win over ABCDE FC, showcasing their superior tactics and formidable defense. However, the real highlight of the division was Dog Otters, who decimated the Firewall FC team, ending the game in an impressive 10-0 win, demonstrating their offensive prowess. The match between Is Your Motherwell and Pukkaz 2.0 ended in a nail-biting 3-3 draw, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats till the final whistle.

Moving to Division 2, Balzin Cider started the week on a high note, securing a 3-0 win against Topkapi FC. Tikka Mo Salah managed to edge out Crouch Potato in a closely contested match ending 2-1. The Phoenix Club showed their dominance with a 6-0 trouncing of Tea'N'Busquets, while Sevilla Autism clinched a narrow victory against Onlyfans Fc with a 2-1 scoreline.

Unfortunately, the scores and top scorers for Division 3 were not available at the time of this report.

This week's games were a testament to the teams' grit, determination, and passion for the game. As the Worksop Thursday Football League season progresses, all teams, regardless of their current standings, have shown they have what it takes to turn the tables at any given moment. Football fans across the region are eagerly waiting for the action to unfold in the coming weeks.

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