October 30th 2023

Weston-super-mare Sunday 6 a side news 2023-10-29

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The Weston-super-Mare Sunday Football League saw another week of thrilling matches with standout performances and high-adrenaline action. Week 9 certainly did not disappoint fans, with teams battling it out in the Premier League, Division 1, and Division 2 for the top spot.

In the Premier League, Madeline Milan triumphed over 5he Was 0nly XI with a commanding 4-1 victory. Boomsakalaka FC had a resounding 5-1 win against Feel Matip, and JGAS FC steamrolled their way past OnlyDubs.com with a whopping 7-1 scoreline. Kasper of Boomsakalaka FC shined as the top scorer, netting three goals in their match.

Meanwhile, Division 1 matches were equally thrilling. Pathetico Madrid narrowly missed out on a win, with Gangstas Paradise beating them 4-3. Themchester United secured a win over WEST HAM EGG 'N' CHIPS with a scoreline of 3-1. Jordan Walker was the distinguished top scorer in Division 1, netting three goals for his team, Themchester United.

In Division 2, Pinky And De Bruynes and Number Yellow found themselves in a deadlock, with the final score being 1-1. A similar situation was seen in the match between Real Lee Sheet and SuBo, which also ended in a 1-1 draw. The top scorer for Division 2 was Jake from Number Yellow, who scored the only goal for his team.

As we move into week 10, fans and teams alike eagerly await to see who will take the lead in the Weston-super-Mare Sunday Football League. Stay tuned for more action-packed football!

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