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All Change!!
The afternoon rain cleared in time for kick off, but left in its wake a slippery surface for teams to navigate in week 13 of the season.  It was a humid night with some great results, excellent football and positive atmosphere.Premier LeagueThe top 3 teams are now only split by goal difference...
Relatively normal service resumes
Despite the torrential downpour during the afternoon in Weston, we were lucky enough to keep dry for the night!There were some big games on the cards tonight and the results saw some movement at the top of each table.In the Premier League, normal service resumes, as Chicken Tikka Mo-Salah return to...
Thursday League News Update
Re-scheduled 11 a side games are still wreaking havoc around town, with players racing from one to the other, or missing out on 6 a side league fixtures all together.  Word is, that these matches are almost at their conclusion, so we hope to be back to normal ASAP!Premier LeagueThe early opener...
New Thursday Team
We will have a new team starting in the Thursday League this week.We would like to introduce 'Cumin Zyder' - Welcome to Leisure Leagues, we wish you luck! 
Thursday League Update
It was a beautiful day in Weston yesterday, with temperatures soaring, unfortunately this didn't carry through to the evening and as the sun went down, so did the temperature! To top it all off the fog descended late in the evening making visibility tough.Teams however, were firing on all cylinders,...