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Buy The Dip and Shane Schlong with the weekly awards!
Aylesbury Vale Academy is back to playing 6 a side football on consecutive weeks again and things are looking about as good as they could be ever since we managed to extend the league into 2 division.All teams are keen to get the start of their seasons off to a flying start and we have seen some VER...
6 a side at Aylesbury vale academy returns!
And we are off!...Firstly and most importantly!Recording goal scorers and MOTM awards for each game is not something our referees are used to doing just yet, though they are trying! so please help both Wes (the referee) and Scott (the supervisor) by telling them your name and how many goals you scor...
Nite Wave dominate!
That's it, another 6 a side season at Aylesbury Vale Academy on Monday nights has finally come to an end, after well over a year due to multiple lockdowns, we are finally there, so lets find out who we should be congratulating....LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!Nite Wave are our league champions of Aylesbury Vale...
Fc Stamos are unstoppable!
We now only have 1 game left of the current season before we expand to 16 teams, with 2 divisions of 8 and of course relegation or promotion now becoming a thing, which is of course massively exciting for the league!TEAM OF THE WEEK!The team we felt most deserved it this week was of course FC Stamos...
Fc Stamos really stand out!
WE ARE BACK AGAIN PEOPLE!After yet another bank holiday break from football, we are now back again for a few more weeks until the next bank holiday break at the end of May, so enjoy your consecutive few weeks until then..TEAM OF THE WEEK!We feel that Fc Stamos will be the best team to take the award...
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