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Fc Stamos really stand out!
WE ARE BACK AGAIN PEOPLE!After yet another bank holiday break from football, we are now back again for a few more weeks until the next bank holiday break at the end of May, so enjoy your consecutive few weeks until then..TEAM OF THE WEEK!We feel that Fc Stamos will be the best team to take the award...
Monday nights at Aylesbury Vale Academy has done incredibly well since the end of lockdown and in a league that only had 8 teams, now sits at 12, full up and with teams on the waiting list, possibly able to expand to 16 team, with 2 divisions of 8. This is VERY exciting because this then allows us t...
NO FOOTBALL TONIGHT!Yeah I know, the league will be closed tonight along with The Aylesbury Vale Academy, yet again...Bank holidays do have their advantages of course, like the 3 days weekend for most of you...But of course it does mean no football at The Aylesbury Vale Academy , as the school shut...
Man Dem win on their first night!
Another lovely sunny evening in Aylesbury that produced yet another week of 6 a side football at Aylesbury Vale Academy, that of course went as smoothly as it could have. All 12 teams were in attendance as expected, which produced some very high scoring games...TEAMD OF THE WEEK!This week is has to...
Mickeys Mob win BIG!
Isn't everything just falling into place nicely at the moment... football is back, covid has picked its bags, the pubs are back open and the weather has been great. Life is really starting to look good again! I can almost feel the atmosphere in the summer when the euros start again already!Let's get...
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