Cowes Tuesday

Cowes Tuesday 6 a side - WEEK 7 ROUND UP
In the heart-throbbing, adrenaline-pumping, week 7 of the Cowes Tuesday 6 a side Football league, the Premier League division witnessed outstanding performances and surprising turn of events, leaving us all desperate for more of the same next week.The Premier League division was set ablaze with the...
Cowes Tuesday 6 a side - WEEK 6 ACTION
Cowes Tuesday Football League witnessed a thrilling encounter this week as teams in the Premier League division battled it out for top honours. Week 6 of the season was jam-packed with action, goals, and drama that only added to the excitement of this well-followed league.Chewbacca The Net stole the...
Cowes Tuesday 6 a side - WEEK 5 RESULTS
It was a night of high-octane sporting action as the Cowes Tuesday 6-a-side Premier League entered into its fifth week of the season. The league, a testament to the popularity of grassroots football, saw some thrilling match-ups and startling performances from the teams.In the Premier League divisio...
Cowes Tuesday 6 a side news 2024-03-26
In an exciting turn of events in the fourth week of the Cowes Tuesday 6-a-side Football League, the Premier League division witnessed some gripping matches and impressive performances. Top of the league, Baines On Toast, kicked off the evening with a solid 6-2 victory over Dragons Fire Utd. The star...
We have one space to fill in our brilliant Tuesday night league in Cowes. Play on the best playing surface on the island each week with no chance of a waterlogged pitch. Contact Rob now on 07538562547 or simply use this link to grab the final place in our season.