November 6th 2023

Dereham Monday 6 a side news 2023-11-06

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In the thrilling week 2 of the Dereham Monday 6-a-side football league, the teams in the Premier League and Division 1 divisions battled it out under the floodlights with some exciting and nail-biting encounters.

In the Premier Division, Paris Ganjaman made an emphatic statement by trouncing Old Timers 6-1 in a one-sided encounter. Capitalizing on every opportunity, Paris Ganjaman made sure their presence on the leaderboard is not just temporary. Meanwhile, a tightly contested match between Get Kebabed FC and Old Faithful FC ended in a 1-1 draw, both teams showcasing their defensive prowess. The Shushers FC took on Great Age in another high-scoring match, with the former reigning victorious, 4-1.

In Division 1, The Uphill Gardners edged out the Cyslexic Dunts 3-2 in a match that kept fans on the edge of their seats till the final whistle. Lock Stock And 2 Smoking Carrolls displayed a dominant performance against RedStarBellends, winning the game 5-1.

Unfortunately, the top scorers for each division are yet to be confirmed and will be updated once the information is available.

These week 2 results have set the stage for some intense competition in the coming weeks. The teams are ready to battle it out while their supporters watch on with bated breath, hoping their favorite team secures the title in what promises to be an exciting season of the Dereham Monday 6-a-side football league.

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