March 4th 2024

Bradford Sunday 7 a side news 2024-03-03

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In a thrilling display of football prowess, the Bradford Sunday 7-a-side Football League brought its season to a close last night with week 10's electrifying matches.

In the Premier League division, RIS Veterans and FC United faced off in a heated match, which saw RIS Veterans triumph with a resounding 7-4 victory. However, the ultimate glory of the night was seized by Strictly Reserves, who outperformed all other teams in the Premier League this season. Through relentless determination and an outstanding streak of ten wins, Strictly Reserves accumulated an impressive twenty points to secure their place at the top of the division. Their unwavering performance throughout the season has set a high bar for next year's hopefuls.

In the Division 1, the matches were no less intense. Diablos Rojos FC and 5 Foot Under went head-to-head in an exhilarating match that concluded in a 6-4 victory for Diablos Rojos FC. Majestics FC also displayed their dominance with a 6-2 triumph over MXO, while FNF succumbed to a 1-5 defeat against Maxxout Gym FC.

Yet, it was Maxxout Gym FC who took the laurels in Division 1. They clinched the division title with eighteen points and nine wins, demonstrating an incredible level of skill and teamwork. Their formidable performance throughout the season has made them the team to watch in the future.

The final week's games were the perfect culmination to a season filled with drama, skill, and memorable moments. Both the Premier League and Division 1 saw teams rise to the occasion, displaying extraordinary football acumen and a level of competition that promises an even more exciting season next year.

As we bid farewell to this season, we congratulate Strictly Reserves and Maxxout Gym FC on their well-deserved victories and look forward to what promises to be an even more thrilling season next year. Let the countdown to the next Bradford Sunday 7-a-side Football League begin!

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