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Basingstoke Monday Premier League Articles

Another team signed up!
We are very pleased to announce that another new team is welcomed to our Monday night 6 a side league at The Vyne school!We are very happy to welcome 'Athletico Pathetico' to the league! having played multiple friendly games before officially signing up, we know they are keen and ready to go for the...
Another Monday night success
What a great start to our new 8 team season!We were very excited to get our new 8 team league started last night, as were our teams, especially our 2 new teams!The night as a whole was a great success, with yet another week of 100% attendance from all teams and staff, so lets get stuck into all the...
League extending!
AMAZING NEWS!Mondays at The Vyne School are going very well, in fact the brand new 6 a side league is going so well that we've already taken the opportunity to extend our league and have now managed to create an 8 team league. Continuing to extend the league is our aim for the future and so we will...
Monday night update!
The latest news and updates from our Monday night 6 a side league at The Vyne School is coming right up!Firstly id like to make an announcement, we have a new member of staff I would like to welcome to the league! working along side our brilliant referees, Jordan and Stuart Chapman, we now also have...
New team entry!
The league is very happy to announce the arrival of yet another new team to the league, so can we please welcome 'Thanks for points'!The teams just keep on coming! With the league doing as well as expected and really hitting the ground running, we are now starting to look at extending the league to...