January 10th 2023


We have made it even easier to start playing in your local GIllingham Monday night 6 aside league at the Woodlands Community Sports Centre. If you have enough players to get started as a full team you can register by clicking HERE and one of our dedicated members of Head Office staff will contact you to give you details of your first match in the league. 

If you don’t have enough players you can still get involved by registering as a single player HERE. Once registered we will give you a call to get you involved with a team already playing in the league or match you up with other individuals to create your own team.  Signup today and start playing immediately on Monday nights.

Last night’s action was as exciting as ever with all teams in action as expected and playing some great football with plenty of goals being scored.

As a reminder to all teams if you are unable to make your fixture you must call us on 0333 123 2340 so we can arrange a fixture for your opponents and where you can, give 7 days notice to avoid being charged for any missed matches. 

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