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WELCOME Real Bannas
The teams just keep on coming for us at leisure leagues in our 16 team league on Monday nights at The Vyne School, so its now time to introduce yet another new team, who are our newest team!WELCOME Real Bannas!Rowan Vine and his team are our latest arrivals into the league and will go straight into...
NO FOOTBALL TONIGHT!Yeah I know, the league will be closed tonight along with The Vyne school, yet again...Bank holidays do have their advantages of course, like the 3 days weekend for most of you...But of course it does mean no football at The Vyne School, as the school shut their gates and close f...
2 Girls 1 Klopp almost shock the league leaders!
Another lovely sunny evening of 6 a side football on Monday at The Vyne School, as usual going very smoothly with some very competitive games to watch, so let's figure out who really caught the eye of the referees on Monday night....PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM OF THE WEEK!These guys have always backed thems...
Athletico put in a match winning performance!
Yet again a really enjoyable night of 6 a side football at The Vyne School. After last weeks very unfortunate and dramatic ending, it was really good to get things back to normal again, injury and trouble free, which we very much hope and intend for it to stay that way!PREMIER LEAGUE TEAM OF TH...
Obviously we had a massive influx of teams after Boris announced we could get back to playing again, the teams really started rolling in, especially the week before kick off! WELCOME NET 6 AND CHILL!Liam Williams and his team have joined the 6 a side league at The Vyne School on Monday evenings...
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