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Football is coming!
Football is slowly making a come back around the world, especially with the Premier league set to make a return on June 17th.This means that things are very much moving in the right direction for the Coronavirus lockdown to come to an end and a return to all kinds of football again.Although we don't...
We welcome Three Finger in cider
Whilst there is no football due to the Covid-19 lockdown, we will be taking some time to welcome our newest teams to our Basingstoke 6 a side league that runs at The Vyne School on Monday evening from 8pm-10pm.The newest team we would like to welcome to the league are Three Fingers in cider. Ma...
Let's follow up from the speech...
Let's be honest, we all tuned into the prime ministers speach about Covid-19 on Sunday hoping he would lift the whole lockdown and let us get back to football, but at the same time, sadly we expected there to be almost no change at all.Although there hasn't been any change to our league at The Vyne...
Let's introduce some more teams!
With all this spare time, let's continue to welcome our newest teams to The Vyne School Monday league.This week we Welcome PicknMix Fc!These guys have really grown into the league since they started and have really impressed us. I am told by the Team captain himself that they have never played footb...
More improvements coming your way!
We know we haven't got any 6 a side football to bring you whilst the Coronavirus lockdown is in place, but that doesn't mean we don't have anything new to bring to the 6 a side experience at The Vyne SchoolDon't be thinking we are just sat here twiddling our thumbs during this down time, we have bee...
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