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Exeter Sunday Premier League Articles

Game week 9
5 A -SIDE at Heavitree Social ClubSo many goals here tonight at Heavitree Social Club!!The league table is really start to shape up now and ABSOLUTE CLINTS climb up to second place with a convincing victory!We are on the look out for a new team to join our league so if you think you can take on the...
Game Week 7
A fantastic night here at Heavitree Social Club with all teams once again in attendance!Lots of good football on display tonight and some teams really showing why they warrant a victory tonight so well done!Stroke Titty have really taken the other teams by surprise by adding another victory to their...
What a fantastic night with all teams in attendance! GADDAFFIDUCKS have now lost their unbeaten record with a defeat to newbies STROKE TITTY!GAME of the night has to go to Champagne Super Rovers vs Inter Ya Nan with a 10 goal thriller ending in a draw 5 -5 !!Well done to all the teams and see you ne...
Game Week 4
Heavitree Social ClubSome great performances this Sunday with Gaddaffiducks having a tough game against Clints but held firm with a 3-2 victory keep them top of the table!Oldham Pathetic have lost their unbeaten run with a narrow defeat to Lambs but the result could of gone either way.We also welcom...
Game week 3
Heavitree Social Club 5 a side football league....Some excellent displays of football last week from all the teams! With the weather staying warm for now we hope it can hold out until Sunday afternoon! Gaddaffiducks remain on top but with two new teams starting this week hopefully they can...