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Portchester Thursday Premier League Articles

Sergio Gameos Lee and Bayern Bugle march on in Prem
Another cold but dry night down at Portchester Thursday, a mixed night in some ways with a couple of teams away this week so not all sides had a league match but lots of good games played still.In the Premier League Sergio Gameos Lee continue to lead the way and produced a excellent performance to d...
Sergio Gameos Lee reclaim top spot
A wet and windy night down at our Portchester Thursday night 6 a side league with all teams in attendance apart from Farlington.With Farlington not there Sergio Gameos Lee played out a points match win to get the points need to reclaim top spot from Bayern Bugle who missing a few players went down 4...
Top 4 All Win in Premier League
All teams in attendance at our Portchester Thursday night league. There was big wins, top of the table clashes and lots of goals along the way.We start in the Premier League where the top 4 all won which has opened up a 5 point gap between the bottom halve and the top halve of the table. Bayern Bugl...
Bayern Bugle win battle of top 2 against Sergio Gameos Lee
Some tight matches at our Portchester Thursday night league with a change at the top in the Premier League.Bayern Bugle came out on top in the battle of the top 2 in the Premier League winning 4-1 against Sergio Gameos Lee to move a point clear of them in the table. New side Happy Sunflowers got the...
Sergio maintain point advantage over Bayern Bugle
Some great matches to watch at our Portchester Thursday league last night.In the Premier League Sergio Gameos Lee maintain their point advantage over Bayern Bugle after winning 3-1 against Moleiester City. Bayern Bugle had a 6-0 victory against a spirited Farlington side. Newly promoted side Bayer N...